Snook Lures

A preferred manner into which we can explain some of that best snook lures for Southwest Florida sufficiently is to think about a top-down philosophy. An old saying goes something like this: you fish on top for show and smack it on the bottom for dough. What that is in reference to is that the larger female snook are more commonly found hugging the bottom where the big prey item action can be obtained. With this in mind it is important to match the artificial lure or the live bait presentation with this bottom feeding larger snook and their preferences that day or night. It all boils down to what it is that you are searching for today and your snook fishing experience?

Slot Sized Snook

We have said goodbye to the days that a neighborhood angler could be seen walking back from the beach at Naples with a slot-sized snook dangling by his leg. Environmental conservation has done a great job in Southwest Florida and has allowed most trips out for snook fishing to be successful. There was a point in time, in the not to-recent past, where it was hit or miss on whether a snook fisherman, even a seasoned professional, could produce a 10 pound SW Florida snook. Our hats go off to the Florida Fish and Game Department and also local residents that stood up and said no way, no more netting to the gill netters. These were the main reasons, the only reasons, for the decimating snook population in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beaches of Naples

During the 1960s, all along the beaches of Naples, anglers would cast custom built buck tailed jigs along the walls of the surf break. Just about a block from Vanderbilt Beach and a few miles from Wiggins Pass is Trader Zekes Bait Store. Why is this important to mention especially in this review of snook lures. It is important because this was once the point of reference in the beginning for the creation of some of the most popular snook lures in existence today.

Bucktail Jigs Strung on Fishing Line

What can be recalled, was seeing a wide array of custom tied buck tail jigs that were on display on fishing line all over the store.. Certainly there were some very colorful and quite unique topwater plugs and silver and gold spoons also on display, but for the most part it was the jigs.

Upperman Style & Bullet Shaped Jigheads

These earlier jigs were full of colors and styles and variations. Upperman style and bullet shaped jigheads were the predominate style. Local snook fisherman would swear by these jigs. These first jigs in the classification of snook only fishing would later set the stage for a revolution of sorts in the game fishing world.